FRIYAY #4 | Brown Paper Gift Wrap Ideas

christmas brown paper wrapping ideas
Last year's gift wrap efforts (see original post here)

Happy Friday! Next Friday Christmas will be over, isn't that a depressing thought? :'(

So now all the shopping is done it's time to get down to the gift wrapping. I start off with the easy, box shaped things and have loads of fun, then I start having trouble with the awkward presents like mugs and then things get a little messy. Still, I like to give it a go! I think you can tell a lot about a person by the type of gift wrap they use, like when my family put all the gifts together I can immediately see who's wrapped what! Yes I know brown paper is a bit of a cliché but it's for good reason! I love it because: 

1. You can get really creative.
2. You can personalize it for the person who's receiving the gift without much effort at all.
3. It's cheap! Definitely no point in spending loads on something that's just going to be torn up and recycled.

So I guess from my gift wrap style we can conclude that I am cheap and lazy haha! As always I've been browsing pinterest and have found a few ideas that look simple but really effective.

all pictures from pinterest

I'm in love with the little bird tag, so cute and very easy to do by the looks of things! I have plenty of stamps and ribbons to use so I'm not sure exactly how I'll be wrapping things up this year but I'll probably be instagramming my efforts!

Do you like gift wrapping? What kind do you go for?

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An Imaginary Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

So yesterday I finished nearly all of my Christmas shopping, leaving me free to window shop for myself but I can't actually buy anything, help me I'm poor! So here's an extreme imaginary Christmas list for myself, because seeing as I'm browsing without being able to buy I may as well go all out!

My Zara jacket is my BFF but I would soon ditch it for this Saint Laurent beauty (what can I say, I'm not a very good friend.) Doesn't it look like the softest thing? The tee is something I've wanted for so long, I almost regret not buying it when I had the money but then again almost £70 for a tee is very ridic. I've wanted dungas for years but can never find the right pair. Let's face it, they're the ultimate man repeller piece but I reckon this Frame Denim pair would be the least offensive as the fit looks pretty great. 

I love Bella Freud and Jane Birkin is in my opinion the ultimate babe so although I don't really care for candles I think this would be a cool addition to my dressing table. I love my Mulberry bags but to be honest I don't like many of the more recent designs bar the Suffolk. I love the ladylike shape and the fact it has a longer strap, as well as the compartments on the inside. Also, an oxblood colour would make a nice change to my usual black or brown bags and is a classic enough shade to never date. Finally the shoes, which I think may be a feasible buy if I save hard enough. I used to think I wanted the loafers but after seeing these I fell in love and just feel that they're much more my style. I have no smart flat shoes so they're definitely something I need to invest in because I can't really wear my trainers everywhere!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? What would be on your imaginary wishlist?
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