New In | New Look Chain Front Chelsea Boots

You guys! Check out my new babies *insert heart-eyed emoji here* I was kindly asked to try out a pair of New Look boots. Now we all know that if there's one thing New Look does well it's shoes and I was very spoilt for choice but in the end went for these awesome chain front chelsea boots. I fell absolutely in love with the Sandro chain boots last winter but needless to say they were way out of my budget...luckily these come in at a much more purse-friendly £24.99! 

Now you know I can be a little snobby about non-leather boots so I was super keen to put these to the test. First things first when it comes to appearances they certainly look real and the chain appears to be attached well (I'm always worried that embellishments and things on shoes will be too flimsy!) The fit is true to size although I must warn you they're a bit of a squeeze to get on seeing as they're just pull on boots. But they're really comfy, I even managed to do my driving lesson in them without any major problems (not caused by the boots anyway...) Yesterday I did one of those table top sale things in a local church selling my old stuff, it was a flop because hardly anyone turned up so I only made £20 BUT I was on my feet all day and the boots didn't let me down. 

Here's how I've worn them the past couple of days, just with my usual outfits but see how they just add a little summin' summin' because they're not as plain as my usual boots.

Sorry about the blurry phone pics but they'll definitely feature loads more in proper outfit posts! What do you think? Hope you're having a good weekend!

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I've modelled this awfully but this coat is truly a beaut. I've been searching for years for the perfect camel coat (that was in my budget) and now I've finally found The One. The colour isn't too dark or too light, the length is just right and most importantly, the material is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind. There's a lot of camel coats on the high street right now but most of them have this kind of fuzzy, teddy-bear texture which to be honest I think makes a lot of them look quite cheap. This is mainly wool, it's quite interesting because it's made from recycled or unused fabrics which is kind of cool...I have a recycled coat! At £120 it was pricey, especially for someone who is supposed to be saving, but so worth it in my opinion (plus I'm always adding bits on eBay to pay for it!) When it comes to coats I try to buy the best I can afford, as with shoes and bags, because I think they just pull an outfit together. I mainly just wear boring basics as you know, which I get mostly from Uniqlo and GAP that are reasonably priced but look the business seeing as those kind of things are those companies specialities. But when a shoe, bag or coat is cheap sometimes you can tell, especially after a lot of wear.  

Anyway I wore this to go see Annabelle and it was useful because me and my friend hid under it. It was scary, not Insidious scary (still can't sleep because of that) but definitely creepy. Although I find the 'real' Annabelle   a lot more disturbing because you'd never suspect something so innocent looking to be haunted...not that I, er, believe in all that, I'm way more mature. Do you get creeped out easily?

Have a nice weekend!

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