Friday, 23 January 2015

CF | A Mini Break

Happy Birthday Freddy Boo Boo! He's 9 on Saturday, where does the time go? :') So sad I have to miss his burfday!

But not a fun kind of mini break! I've been quite ill the past few weeks, I had the flu over New Year which left me kind of screwed and antibiotic tablets aren't really doing the trick so it's a course of IVs, some extra oxygen and a hospital stay for me. Hopefully I'll gain lots of weight too, I'm so yuck and skinny because I've not been able to eat much and there's been a giant kerfuffle with my feeding pumps which has meant I've had no overnight feed at all this week which has been my main source of food. I aim to gain 10kg in the long run which is definitely harder than you think, especially when CF is being a massive bean. This week has just been one of those ones where everything just goes wrong so I'm hoping a week in will get things on the right track again! Usually I proper protest about going in but this time my logic is the quicker I go in the shorter my stay will be. I'm not planning to be there as long as last time and I'm definitely hoping to avoid intensive care this time round! Also, the nice looking doctor is the one who admitted me and I didn't want to look like a brat in front of him haha.

The hospital has no wifi (I know, right?) so things will be quiet on here until I'm home again. I'll still be on Twitter and Instagram, no doubt showing off the hospitals culinary delights (check out their version of a roast...yum!) I will warn you now I'm on so many antibiotics which make me go a bit insane in the membrane so if there's any weird/sad/stupidness coming from me over social media there is your explanation haha!

 I hope you're well and hopefully we'll speak soon!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

FASHION | #PromPredictions

*Post written in association with New Look but, as always, all views are my own!* If there's one thing I quite regret it's not going to my school's prom. Don't get me wrong, me and my friends had a fab time but part of me really wishes we'd gone all out in amazing dresses. I'm not even the girliest girl but even I can see there's something dreamy about prom night!

As you can see in the past dresses have been all long and flowy but personally as pretty as they are there's no way I'd be able to have a stress-free night wearing one...we all know I'd be tripping all over the place! If I had my prom night this year I'd 100% be going for something short and sassy. New Look have a gorgeous range, my particular favourites are the monochrome dresses (which is set to be a huge trend this year!)

prom predictions

Cameo Rose Monochrome Scuba Striped Skater Dress - £19.99 
 Closet Back Jacquard V Neck Skater Dress - £50.00  

I think that these days we're a lot savvier when it comes to shopping, I don't think people will be spending a fortune on prom dresses they'll only wear once...they'll be going for affordable options that can be worn again and again! I think my favourite here is the first one...I'm obsessed with strappy necklines!

What did you wear to prom? Or what are you planning to wear?


Monday, 19 January 2015

LIFESTYLE | Shanataram Review

So my brother lent me Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts when I was in hospital but I only recently got round to reading it. He said it's one of the only books he's ever read so my expectations were high...and I wasn't disappointed! But I do still have some issues with it.

But let's start with the good! It's based on the true story of a man on the run from an Australian prison who finds himself in Mumbai. Once there he finds himself getting mixed up with the Mafia, running a free health clinic in the slums, acting in Bollywood films and even travelling to Afghanistan to help mujahideen fighters. It's wonderfully written, it was one of those books that kind of absorbs you where you feel like you're in that world, at that time. The characters, like the city, are all so colourful and despite there being so many of them I feel like they all deserved their place in the story if you get what I mean. It's a cliche, but it was real page-turner...there was always something exciting going on.

But then this is where the issues lay for me. While I was reading I felt like there was something iffy about the whole thing, as enjoyable as the story was. The author claims the events are based on his true experiences but I thought they were too far seems I'm not the only one and there have been many people who have come forward to dispute his version of events. He makes himself out to be some kind of hero where everyone loves him but that doesn't appear to have been the case when you look it up (I expect we'll find out a lot more about this when the film version eventually comes out!) I did also find parts a little repetitive, Roberts kind of prattles on about his philosophical views at times which can get boring.

However putting aside the fact whether it's true or not, as a novel it's brilliantly entertaining and you'll fall in love with some of the characters. I'm definitely looking forward to the prequel and sequels that are due to be released at some point...I'll just be taking the claim that they're based on facts with a pinch of salt.

Have you read Shantaram? Sound like something you'd be interested in? If you have Goodreads let's be friends!
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