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When I was younger I used to be a real bookworm until I discovered the internet and then books kind of took a backseat. However this year I've really gotten back into it so I thought I'd share what I've been reading because I love reading posts like this as I'm rubbish discovering different authors, I tend to stick to what I know...which you can probably tell seeing as this post is all based on the same author! I found this trio by Sebastian Faulks in a charity shop (where I buy the majority of my books) and snapped them up right away because I adored Birdsong, even though it depressed me (I was in hospital at the time so had too much spare time to think, it was just too deep haha!) 

So I started off with Engleby, I hated the unreliable narrator from the off, he was such an asshole and I kind of guessed the answer to the 'mystery' very early on but saying that I really enjoyed it...I love a book where you can really get into a character's head, even if you don't necessarily like what's going on in there!

Next up was A Possible Life, the most recommended of the three. It has five separate stories spanning different locations, years and characters yet is described as a novel which I don't think is misleading seeing as each tale is linked, sometimes obviously like the same buildings being featured and others are themes that I think are really down to the reader to individually decide. That's what I love about books, film and art, unlike science or maths there is no 'answer' to what you should take from them which makes them a more personal experience. However my experience of the book wasn't all that good, some stories I loved and others I found incredibly boring. I appreciate the concept of linking the stories together but I kind of felt the author was being a bit too clever. But if you like thought provoking texts give it a go and if not there you can still read them as separate short stories because there are a couple that are worth the read by themselves.

Finally, A Week In December. It took me a while to get into it and I found myself having to go back to chapters to remind myself who certain people were because there are just so many characters (who are all somehow linked, kind of like a six degrees of separation thing.) It took me a while to get into it but in the end I found it an enjoyable satire despite the dark themes. 

I can see how Faulks stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea as they're not exactly light hearted reads but they can be worth the extra effort. None of these quite matched up to Birdsong I think that's just one of those special books that he's not going to top! 

Have you read any of these? Do you have any recommendations? Hope this post hasn't come across as me trying to be clever or anything haha I'm no expert but just thought I'd share what I thought!

New In | New Look Chain Front Chelsea Boots

You guys! Check out my new babies *insert heart-eyed emoji here* I was kindly asked to try out a pair of New Look boots. Now we all know that if there's one thing New Look does well it's shoes and I was very spoilt for choice but in the end went for these awesome chain front chelsea boots. I fell absolutely in love with the Sandro chain boots last winter but needless to say they were way out of my budget...luckily these come in at a much more purse-friendly £24.99! 

Now you know I can be a little snobby about non-leather boots so I was super keen to put these to the test. First things first when it comes to appearances they certainly look real and the chain appears to be attached well (I'm always worried that embellishments and things on shoes will be too flimsy!) The fit is true to size although I must warn you they're a bit of a squeeze to get on seeing as they're just pull on boots. But they're really comfy, I even managed to do my driving lesson in them without any major problems (not caused by the boots anyway...) Yesterday I did one of those table top sale things in a local church selling my old stuff, it was a flop because hardly anyone turned up so I only made £20 BUT I was on my feet all day and the boots didn't let me down. 

Here's how I've worn them the past couple of days, just with my usual outfits but see how they just add a little summin' summin' because they're not as plain as my usual boots.

Sorry about the blurry phone pics but they'll definitely feature loads more in proper outfit posts! What do you think? Hope you're having a good weekend!

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