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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Week #20

Hello! *waves* how are you? I wanted to get some more blog posts up this week but I've felt so rubbish it just didn't happen. But only rubbish in my body, my mind is good! I am feeling crappy but happy. Mainly tired though, so I've done lots of sleeping.

I grew my eyebrows out to try and be trendy but now I think I've gone too far and I look like an old man teacher we had in secondary school.

Was up the hospital three times this week because I am back on IVs *dun dun duuuuuun* Tobi and Mero for any CF people reading this, so not the dreaded cats pee at least. Had the first dose at the hospital as usual but it wasn't too boring because I watched The Ashes with the doctor. Had no clue what was happening but the doctor explained all to me. I was expecting to go on them and as long as they make me feel better, even just in the short term, then I will be happy. I need to be better by next weekend because it's my best friend's birthday and I don't really think I can go to the club wearing my oxygen backpack. On the plus side I could just use it to hit away weirdos that try and grind behind you.

I've started to wear my oxygen in public here and there lately, you get the odd look but it's out of curiosity more than anything, you can't blame people for that and no one is horrible. But I had it on in the chemist when I was ordering a drug that's also used by asthmatics and I kid you not the pharmacist asked me:

'Do you have breathing difficulties?' 

Yep, while I had my oxygen on which looks like this so you can't exactly miss it. So I said 'Obviously' and gestured to my face and she asked me if I'd been to the doctor's about it. I do wonder how some people get their jobs you know.

But it hasn't been all hospitals and medicines and whatnot, like yesterday I saw my little cousins (they've just come back from Blackpool and brought me back a little bracelet they won on the penny machines, so cute!) and then me and my mum watched The Woman In Black 2 which was scary but had a rubbish story line. My mum kept screaming (can defo see why I get so scared at the cinema) which made Freddydog go crazy, he uses any excuse to make some noise!

Oh and before I go, in case anyone was interested in an update on #birdgate look what has now entered the equation:

Sorry for the rubbish quality

A wild parakeet! We used to get them all the time and now they've come back. So bright and beautiful! So random! And so greedy! They eat all the bird food. It reminds me of when I was at school in London and every Maths lesson my friend said she could see green birds and no one believed her, it was like the chicken in OITNB - a myth. Then on our last ever Maths class we saw like a whole flock fly out from the trees and it was like her moment, she was right all along and we were sorry we doubted her.

I hope you've had a good week! Tell me something that's made you happy, big or small! And have you seen green birds in London?


Monday, 27 July 2015

Stripes & Sandals

Super quick outfit photos today because I was doing everything last minute (as always!) This was worn before the rain hit. July seems to be having an identity crisis at the moment because it seems to think it's February.

Jumper - Whistles (similar here)
Skirt - ASOS Tall
Sandals - George @ ASDA* (similar here)
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Bag - Mulberry Del Rey

I love this jumper, I got it a few years back for about £30 in the sale but I have to say the quality is poop considering it originally retailed for like double that price. So now I don't want to wear it too much in case it falls apart! But these £14 sandals are serving me very well indeed :)

Yesterday was good, my brother came round and took me out for dinner which was a nice surprise! We went to Brown's at Bluewater, this table near us were having afternoon tea and they left behind so many untouched cakes - WEIRDOS. You bring the cake home.

  I thought yesterday was gonna be a write-off because I was out for drinks Saturday at a family friend's thing and didn't get back til late, then poor Freddydog was up til 5am because he's hurt his ear. He frightened me over the weekend because he was scratching on my door to get in and when I opened it he was just looking at me crying with all his ear bleeding and bleeding because he'd scratched it! The way he'd come to my room to show me! *heartbreak emoji's everywhere* Now he's even sadder because he has other problems too, hopefully the vet with have the right meds for him today.

So yes, #Pray4Freddy haha! And do you agree that you take the cakes home or am I just being a pig?


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Week #19

Helloooo! How are you doing? This week was goooood, for the first time in ages I felt well enough to actually do stuff. It was only a trip round the shops (bought quite a bit, haul coming soon!) and also last night I went for drinks for a family friend's do. Little things to most people but I've just been housebound or stuck in hospital so it was good to get out because I'm going a lil' crazy.

Sick day with Freddy - he's been unwell for months too :(

Take this story for instance. The other week this wood pigeon came into our house and I know it's definitely the same one that's always looking at us through the patio doors, it's like the robot dog in Wallace and Gromit. Then Freddydog went out to the garden on Friday and it chased him back inside, why is this bird so brave? It hangs around with this other wood pigeon and a dove, this dove is always chasing this magpie and I just don't know what's going on with this little gang.

And that there is proof that I spend too much time indoors.

I was back at the CF clinic this week and before I tell you about that I wanna quickly clear something up. In my last post I told you something that my doctor said and said something about her being Regina George but I was joking about that, she's not horrible at all - she's very blunt but she's never offended me and she always means well. I just think she's funny but I guess people who are touchy would get annoyed. But no, she's a brilliant doctor I think and she's actually right when she said I looked bleurgh because I'm definitely not back to where I need to be so I may need IVs next week.

There was also a little more talk about transplant, they just needed my permission to send off all my stuff to Harefield (the transplant hospital) and now I just need to wait for an appointment to go there for tests. As I said before, they may just say 'Get lost, you're too healthy for transplant' and that's what I'm hoping for but it still hasn't stopped me from having a few panicky moments. But then I just shopped and it cheered me up haha!

On the same day as CF clinic there was a documentary on BBC2 about Great Ormond Street and this week focused on children needing lung transplants, three of whom had cystic fibrosis. One of the surgeons performing the op said something like 'Imagine having to make a concious effort to breathe' and that people take it for granted being able to just take a breath without thinking about it - he's summed up CF quite well I think! It was so heartbreaking and the courage these kids have blew me away. It was a real eye opener and was such an insight into the whole process as usually you just see someone before the transplant where they're really ill and then after when they're much healthier. You don't see the op, the tough recovery or hear about the risks, it shows how complicated the whole thing actually is. But on the other hand it also shows what an incredible difference it makes to peoples lives. You can catch up with the programme here and I really recommend you watch it - if you've been on the fence about organ donation if this doesn't make you sign up to the register I don't know what will. It's a very upsetting and emotional programme but this is the reality for thousands of people and is why organ donation is so important. Also, it shows how bloody hardworking and amazing NHS staff are, Jeremy Hunt just infuriates me.

Anyway I hope you've had a good week! I'd love to know your thoughts on organ donation!

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