An Imaginary Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

So yesterday I finished nearly all of my Christmas shopping, leaving me free to window shop for myself but I can't actually buy anything, help me I'm poor! So here's an extreme imaginary Christmas list for myself, because seeing as I'm browsing without being able to buy I may as well go all out!

My Zara jacket is my BFF but I would soon ditch it for this Saint Laurent beauty (what can I say, I'm not a very good friend.) Doesn't it look like the softest thing? The tee is something I've wanted for so long, I almost regret not buying it when I had the money but then again almost £70 for a tee is very ridic. I've wanted dungas for years but can never find the right pair. Let's face it, they're the ultimate man repeller piece but I reckon this Frame Denim pair would be the least offensive as the fit looks pretty great. 

I love Bella Freud and Jane Birkin is in my opinion the ultimate babe so although I don't really care for candles I think this would be a cool addition to my dressing table. I love my Mulberry bags but to be honest I don't like many of the more recent designs bar the Suffolk. I love the ladylike shape and the fact it has a longer strap, as well as the compartments on the inside. Also, an oxblood colour would make a nice change to my usual black or brown bags and is a classic enough shade to never date. Finally the shoes, which I think may be a feasible buy if I save hard enough. I used to think I wanted the loafers but after seeing these I fell in love and just feel that they're much more my style. I have no smart flat shoes so they're definitely something I need to invest in because I can't really wear my trainers everywhere!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? What would be on your imaginary wishlist?

A Visit To The Harry Potter Studios Tour

harry potter studio tours sorting hat
Me wearing a Sorting Hat - Pottermore placed me in Slytherin, SAY IT AIN'T SO!

So last week I went to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour aka the HARRY POTTER STUDIOS eeeeee! Now don't hate but let me first admit I'm not the hugest fan of the books. Don't get me wrong, I liked them but I don't love them...*controversial* of me to say maybe but for me the films were just more, well, magical. And mainly the Harry in the book annoyed the hell out of me, he's more likeable in the movies I think.

Now that disclaimer is out of the way, I'll also just apologise for the lack of photos. I took loads but I don't think you're actually allowed to use them for blogs and things but also I went not knowing what I was going to see really which I think was best so I don't want to ruin it for anyone who's going there! So this is just a post on what I thought of it!

I'm not crazy over the series like a lot of people are but I had the best time, to see first hand the attention to detail of props and costumes was amazing and I think the special effects bit with the prosthetics and electronics was especially clever and interesting. The sets were lovely all decked out for Christmas although my favourite one was Dumbledore's office (but he had no Christmas things there, the Scrooooge!) The sets were smaller than I expected, especially the Great Hall, but many of the props were much bigger. I was there on a special night where they had the animal actors there too (they'll be back for a bit in February I believe!) They're supposed to be the real ones from the films, I got a few photos. Sorry they're not so good but I didn't want to crowd around them and I don't think it's nice using flash on animals!

Hagrid's dog Fang

 Harry's owl Hedwig

 I don't know who this little guy is, I cannot remember for the life of me! Do you know?

Hermione's cat Crookshanks

I don't want to be mean but that cat was one of the most interesting things I saw, it was soooo weird looking and I'm just gonna say it, I thought it was ugly haha. I've never seen one of those types in real life before, I kind of couldn't believe it was real. What can I say, you know I'm not really a cat lady!

The only things I didn't like on the tour was the Death Eaters walking around (I knew they were just people in masks but they were still freaky!) and the expensive gift shop. I think that's kind of unfair because if parents take their kids they're gonna want something so they have to pay crazy prices, even for the sweets. Which is stupid because I remember when I was little you could buy Harry Potter sweets anywhere, do you remember the jelly beans? If you got the ear wax flavour you were fooked! I wonder why they stopped selling them?

So yes, in conclusion I had a fab time and I think you would too, even if you're not any kind of Potterhead seeing behind the scenes was really interesting and made you appreciate the hard work that goes on because usually all the accolades go to the actors who I think probably have the easier job after seeing the sets! 

Have you been to the Harry Potter Studios? And do you know who this mystery owl is? 

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