September Outfit #3

Tee | ASOS
Denim | Monki
Shoes | Mango
Necklace | Childhood gift

Hi! How are you? I'm back, with a super exciting outfit post (or maybe not...) Never mind, at least I like what I'm wearing! Last week was not so good, I got quite ill so had zero motivation to do anything apart from spend money that I should be saving...but I can't be the only one who buys 'cheer-myself-up' presents when I'm feeling crummy? Plus I was shopping with my mum who is the Queen of Enablers and I also put a load of stuff on eBay so everything was looking a little bare. I'll show you the jacket I got soon, it's not a very exciting piece but I think it's a nice addition to my wardrobe and will make a change from my leather jacket. 

Oh but I did go and see Lee Evans on Thursday, he was so good! I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but I just think he's hilarious. 

September Outfit #2

Hat | Primark (similar here)
Top | ASOS
Denim | Uniqlo
Shoes | Topshop (similar here)

My new hat! I'm never sure if I'm a hat person but I do like wearing them. Picked this up for a bargain £7 in Primark whilst out with Miss Sophie and it's really not bad, especially considering it's 100% wool. They had it in black and burgundy too so if you're after a fedora for Autumn get yourself to a Primark quick because I reckon these are gonna sell out. I'm looking forward to Autumn clothes but at the same time I'm happy that it's not too cold that I have to retire these sandals yet, they're ugly I know but the comfort factor just wins.

Today I begin the long and tedious task of photographing all of my stuff for eBay, I'm guessing there's at least 40 pieces including shoes so I'm gonna be a while. I didn't stick to my challenge that I set myself back in January but I actually don't think I've done too badly this year when it's come to shopping. There's not many things that I regret buying but there has still been a few impulse purchases so that's something that I'm going to try and curb. I've been looking at one of my favourite Pinterests for inspiration (check it out for cool, French girl style!) and I've worked out what's missing from my wardrobe but more on that later.

Have a fab weekend, speak to you on Sunday!
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