August's Happy List

I was too ill to post much in July so didn't do a Happy List last month which meant I couldn't report on June's progress but that's probably a good thing because I only did about half the things on the list because I got ill so I'm going to be less ambitious and limit it to 5 things. This month I really need to sort my life out! I've had a month or two of feeling unhappy and worried about things and I think I've wallowed enough now haha. The worries are all CF-related, usually I'm very good at ignoring them but I think this is actually unhealthy because then when I can't block them out they're like 10x worse because they've been suppressed for too long. I don't want to tell people because I don't want them to worry about me when everyone has their own worries to deal with anyway! And I don't want to look whiney or ungrateful because I do have a lot to be thankful for, which makes me feel so guilty whenever I feel sad. So I sometimes end up in this cycle of worry and guilt that just spirals but I have to say Faye's post seriously helped me. Yes there are people iller than me but I need to stop comparing myself to other people with CF because this doesn't take away the fact that I'm still ill and CF sucks so sometimes it is ok to be pissed off about it. It's only natural and totally acceptable to feel that way occasionally (especially when there are people having absolute meltdowns over stupid things like broken straighteners or late trains or 'issues' in the blogging world that are actually not that big a deal.) But it's not good to stay stuck worrying about things and one thing I've found that helps me a lot is having plans. I know from the past that CF puts a stop to a lot of them so I'm prepared for that to's just good to make them and if they go wrong there's always different plans to make (when one door closes and all that!) This month I'm going to try and improve my life because there are definitely things I can do to make it better:

  1. Book a driving lesson. I've been saying this every month this year but still haven't gotten round to it! I don't know why I'm so terrified about getting behind the wheel but I need to get over it because everyone else around me are passing their tests so I need to catch up! It'll be so good to be able to get myself to hospital appointments and things so I really need to do it.
  2. Go swimming. I do exercises indoors but I need to up my game because exercise is so important when it comes to treating CF. The trouble is I'm not a fan at all but so many people have said swimming has helped them so I want to give it a go!
  3. Look into college courses. I had to quit my job in retail because the long hours and being on my feet the whole time was too tiring but I think if I had a job where I'd be sitting on my butt all day I'd be way more capable of doing it so I think an admin course or something will be a good idea. We shall see!
  4. Book a First Aid course. This is something me and my Mum are going to do. It's so important to learn it, something I've only just really realised after my brother got really is a life-saving skill. 
  5. Carry on reading. I've done well with this and gotten through a big chunk of my reading up is The Book Thief. 
So that's my list! What are your plans for August?

Josie x

A Few New Buys

As if I should be shopping right now but I did anyway. But I guess life is too short and all that right? ;) 

First up, what I bought on holiday. Not much, but they're real good.

Chloé Eau de Parfum, which was a's like tradition to buy it every time I go away. There's not many fragrances I like but I adore the rose scent and how it lasts for ages too. And then I had some left over money so I got Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in La Favorite because I can't save my Euros for some reason, I have to spend every last cent. Anyone else like that? Anyway it's a gorgeous coral shade that's not too dissimilar to Gay Geranium by No7  but I much prefer this formula - matte without being at all drying, plus it stays on the lips forever. It's not looking too good on me at the moment because stupid me sunburnt my lips but when they're mended I think it'll look pretty on. I know Chanel lipsticks are pricey but I rarely buy make up so for me they're worth the splurge because as well as being top quality the packaging is beautiful. Plus the *click* when you open them is the most satisfying sound. (Check out my review of La Fascinante here!)

The picture isn't very good but the detail on this top is beautiful, I picked it up in this cute little store that I think was called Natura. It's a really light, cheesecloth material and has been my absolute go-to in this gorgeous weather we've been having. When things cool down a bit I can't wait to wear it with a leather jacket and some boots.

Then when I got back I had a serious case of post-holiday blues so did the only thing I know when I'm down in the dumps...turn to my good friend ASOS

Excuse the blurriness! I'd been craving some gold hoops for a while and really wish I'd had a pair when I was away so I got these ASOS Fine Wire 30mm Hoop Earrings although I'm still not sure they suit me. I have a bit of a London accent so I feel like when I wear them I just look like a chav haha. Not quite the chic Jean Shrimpton look or Daria Werbowy cool I had in mind!

I have this ASOS Boudoir Appliqué Lace Overlay Soft Triangle Mesh Bra in black already and love it so when the blue went down to just £6 I had to snap it up too because it's just so pretty. I had to order a Medium because the S was too tight for my massive ribs (#CFProblems lol) so I was worried the cups would be huge but it actually fits fine.

Then there were a few Topshop purchases which I'm super pleased with.

Look at me buying all these bras like I actually have anything to put in them :') and as my mum pointed out I wear them for like 5 minutes and take them off (which makes me sound like a shlag but it's actually because they often really restrict my breathing and bother my portacath!) However this Topshop Triangle Cup Mini Bra and Mini Knickers were too adorable and silly not to buy and with a quick Google search I got 10% off. The pineapple on the bottoms actually goes on the back, I'd say the bottoms are true to size but the top is a little smaller than average I think! I've never bought a Topshop triangle bra before despite always eyeing them up and I'm impressed, the fit is so good and I'm definitely going to get some more.

These Topshop Koala Espadrille Shoes were bought quite a while ago now but I haven't popped them on the blog yet. I wanted these so bad, they kept selling out so my orders were getting cancelled but on the third attempt I finally got them and I was literally like this little lad at my computer screen haha. They're so comfy, they come in so many different colours too (the leopard ones are dreamy!) 

So that's it for my kind of mini haul! Definitely have to try and avoid buying anything new for myself in August. Let me know what you like best! Hopefully I can blog again this week, Blogger has been a right pain for some reason and it's taken me ages to write this -_-

Josie x

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