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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Week #16

Hi! How are you? So last week I was thinking I was gonna get straight back into blogging again but I kinda forgot I was still ill and the IVs were making me super tired. Add in a heatwave (you may have seen this mentioned a little on social media...) and I was literally no use to anyone! Also, after almost a month in hospital it did take me a while to adjust to home life. But the good news is I've been gradually wearing oxygen less and less this week, currently I only need it for physio, exercise and just occasional moments when I'm a bit out of puff where it's so hot - so, woohoo! Also IVs are over and I had my first proper shower in over a month which was beautiful.

IKEA meal

On Friday I went to IKEA and I was very restrained...I stayed away from the cacti, the metal white pots and all the other blogger clich├ęs because I'm saving for summin' special (more on that later though!) But obviously I bought two cakes home with me. 

Another thing I did do this week was go to the cinema. Me and my cousin went to cool down and of course ended up in the only screen there where the air con was broke but that only meant it was a good excuse to get a load of ice cream and drink a disgusting amount of fat coke with ice, so swings and roundabouts ;) We saw Jurassic World and I was so excited because everyone was banging on about how amazing it was...EXCEPT EVERYONE FAILED TO MENTION THAT IT'S BLOODY SCARY.

To be fair I watched an original one with crappy 90's CGI on a teeny telly in hospital and it still frightened me so how I didn't clock that a new version on a massive screen, in the dark, in 3D would also be frightening (CHRIS PRATT IN 3D DOE!)

I used to be all like 'I would well go to Jurassic Park' well HAHAHA I'm a liar because there's no way. I don't even like going to the aquarium because I don't like the jellyfish or sharks or even the coral. The thought of blue whales terrify me, this is why the worst dinosaur in the film for me was most definitely the underwater one. Even typing this is making me shake. I know, I'm a wimp and this is not normal behaviour for a 22 year old. But the sea is so deep and blue and massive it's possible these monsters may still exist there, so it's a rational fear and is why I shall never go anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle

But although I was annoying the other 20-odd people in the cinema by making too many wimpy noises I did actually really enjoy it, in fact it was the highlight of my week and I recommend you catch it if you can if you haven't seen it yet!

Have you had a good week? Have you seen Jurassic World? What dinosaur do you think is the worst? Oh and THANK YOU for your lovely comments, the day after I published my last post I panicked because I was worrying I looked like I was having the biggest pity party ever. I'm not and I wasn't, I'm allll good :)


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Hey, Hey!

Hallo! Just thought I'd check in on the small chance anyone was actually wondering where I'd disappeared to ;) as you can probably guess it was another hospital stay. I knew it was on the cards because I just couldn't breathe but I wasn't expecting there to be a bed available that day when I went to clinic on the 2nd June so I wasn't really prepared! But I was there for just over three weeks to be reunited with my old friend Optiflow.

Optiflow cystic fibrosis
This is oxygen that is heated as it's more comfortable to breathe in (although the tubes are a bit of a 'mare to wear!) and it also acts like a steamer for me as it helps to unclog the rubbish on my lungs.

I could go into my stay and how my right lung got so clogged up at the bottom it didn't work and I couldn't breathe but honestly I just want to leave it all behind me. I know a big part of this blog is about raising awareness of Cystic Fibrosis but right now I don't want to think about how ill I got and how ill I am, I just need a bit of a break I think. I've had a bad year healthwise and we're not really sure if this just the longest blip ever or if things are going downhill now which to be honest is a scary thought, I don't like this being in limbo business. This is probably the most pathetic sentence I'm ever going to write but I've been feeling a bit emotionally drained by it all, I've been feeling a bit dragged down. I'm sure I'll get over these feelings now I'm home again though, I'm still on my home oxygen and IVs but from now on I'm going to be sticking to my super strict hospital regime and I'm hoping it'll make a difference. I've always been really compliant with my meds and treatment but this is all more intense and time consuming. I think it'll be worth it though!

Not only must I do it for me but also my family! I could've spent the whole time sulking about the things I missed out on - the dressmaking course I was going to start, a night out with my friends, loads of cool blog events and most annoyingly of all my niece Florrie's christening </3 just to name a few things BUT my family are just the best. They do everything to make hospital as least crummy as possible so I had lots of help and visits and treats. There's also a really nice park behind the hospital so they'd get a wheelchair and portable oxygen for me and we'd go out for a walk. When I get ill it doesn't just affect me but also my family, probably more so I'd say because they have all the worry. But I'm just so lucky to have them and my friends, I don't think I'd get through any of this without them. We had a big BBQ yesterday which was also to say goodbye to my grandparents who are back off to Ireland today after coming for the Christening. I'm sad I didn't get to see as much of them because of being in hospital but hopefully I'll be well enough to go over to see them later in the year.

But anyway now I'm back I want to blog again because I missed it loads! Luckily I could catch up with everyone's posts in hospital with the bloglovin' app on my phone but I can't wait to get commenting again. 

How have you been? Hope you're enjoying the sun now it's finally arrived!


Friday, 5 June 2015

Summer Fashion Wishlist

I used to be allll about the winter months but now I get so excited over what little summer we do get - I've loved these freaky heatwaves we've had over the past few years! I think I've got my summer wardrobe pretty much sorted but that's not to say there's no room for a few more additions ;) 

Summer Wishlist

Dress - River Island | Sunglasses - H&M | Earrings - Isabel Marant | Sandals - Clarks | Jacket - Topshop

This kimono dress is one of those things that looks rank on the hanger but a whole lot chicer once it's actually on. You can probably guess that River Island isn't usually my kind of shop but one thing I think they're great for are cute little summer dresses in really nice, lightweight fabrics - I got one of my all time favourites from there a couple of years ago!

I used to never wear sunglasses but since being lucky enough to receive these two pairs I'm definitely a convert and wear them all the time (even indoors, ahem.) I would love to add something different to my collection, I think these cat eye H&M bargains would look super cool!

Now these earrings are staying firmly on the wishlist but aren't they beautiful? I tend to go for dainty gold jewellery and never really wear earrings but I'm 100% blaming Jeanne Damas for this craving! They just add instant Parisian chic to simple outfits, I'm hoping I'll find something nice on Etsy.

I've also really been into the idea of white sandals recently, I know Clarks is supposedly one of those 'granny' brands (my own nan loves them!) but my cousin revealed *in hushed tones* that her sandals are from the brand and I honestly would never have guessed! My feet are so used to trainers I sometimes struggle to wear other shoes but you don't get comfier than Clarks and I guess I need something smarter than my Birkie-alikes!

Finally a denim jacket, a summer staple but I've yet to find the perfect one! Such a mission. I do really like this Topshop one though, it has a good, oversized fit without looking too vintage/charity shop. 

What's on your summer wishlist? Are you more of a summer or winter person?

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