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Making glittery gold stars

Sourcing fabric for future products

This year me and my cousin are hopefully going to do our first Christmas stall...exciting times! My mum's been making these little hearts to sell, these ones aren't the finished product but they're super cute. I'm going to make some as well, they may pop up on the shop...what do you think?

And here's what's on the shop currently:

This is actually a custom design card, made with Cath Kidston fabric. I'm hoping to be adding these heart cards to the store after Christmas but if you'd like one before then do get in touch! I have lots of vintage Laura Ashley, Liberty and Cath Kidston swatches but very limited amounts of each pattern so each card will be super unique :)

I added my Christmas bauble cards to the shop yesterday, they're packs of 10 featuring two of each design seen here! Delivery is free to the UK and £2 from each sale will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. I'll be adding more designs too and also have these cards in stock that will raise money for CF as well :) Expect to see more of these next month!

I hope you don't mind this post, I always worry when I post about my Etsy stuff I'm being pushy or whatever haha! But I just thought you may be interested in seeing some bits and bobs. I love making things and it really cheers me up when CF is being a bean. I'm on steroids this week because I got ill again and my lung function is really crappy at 23% so even little things like having showers and turning over in bed are really hard to do because I'm so out of breath. All of this is giving me migraines as well so I can't really read blogs which is so boosome...I wanna know what you guys are up to! I hope you're well and having fab weekends and enjoyed your extra hour in bed today...I'm sure I am :D

Minimal Wardrobe | Top 5 Tips For Getting Your Minimal Wardrobe Started

You may remember way back in January my idea of a '5 Piece Wardrobe'...ha! It's fair to say I got a wee bit waylaid this year, I didn't realise the level of commitment it takes. But this September I was ready to simplify my wardrobe again and I have no regrets! I've had a huge clear out (I still have some stuff left on eBay) and I've taken my wardrobe back to basics, like a clean slate. I've never been the snazziest dresser so I love that I can just pull out random things in my closet without thinking and be ready to go. I've a feeling I'll be sticking to this simplified wardrobe, I plan to allow myself one key item a month if I really want it unless there's like an emergency (my favourite denim dies, jumpers get holes in etc...if they need replacing they won't count as my one item. Read the rules!) I do think it's a good concept but before you begin you need to sort out what you already have!

  I won't lie, it was a little heartbreaking letting go of certain items but it's totally worth putting aside an afternoon and doing. Plus you gotta love the money you make on eBay (after the dreaded fees that is...) Besides, you need get used to it too, as you'll be doing it at the start of every season! This is how I edited my wardrobe:

1 | Create a moodboard. Whether you do this on Pinterest or the old skool way with a stack of mags and a scrapbook, this is a fab way of collecting looks and colour palettes that you like and getting an idea of what your preferences are when defining your personal style. It's a good idea to split them into seasons, I know that I personally make most of my mistake purchases in the summer so I need something to keep me on track! Take inspiration from your style icons but bear in mind a few factors...for example, I love Alexa Chung's style but if I put on a little peter pan collared dress I just feel silly and not like 'me'. Be inspired by others but don't copy, stay true to yourself and wear what you feel comfortable in. And are those amazing heels in your favourite blogger's recent post actually going to fit in with your lifestyle? Planning your wardrobe is of course loads of fun but remember to be practical too.

2 | Empty your closet. The whole darn thing, including shoes. Try on everything and be brutally honest with yourself. Is it too small/too big? Is it looking a bit worse for wear? Does it actually look a bit crap on you? (which is totally the item's fault and nothing to do with your gorgeous self!) Does it fit in with the rest of your wardrobe? Are you ever gonna actually wear those beautiful heels that you can't walk in? There's no point in keeping anything you don't feel comfortable wearing because it'll show and instead of looking happy, relaxed and confident you'll just end up looking miserable and unapproachable. And if you still haven't worn that top a year after you bought it you're unlikely to ever give it an outing (although I give things a shorter period of 6 months to be worn before they're gone!) Organise them into Keep/eBay/recycle/donate piles, you won't ever need to bin anything as there's always alternative options.

3 |  Organise. So now you have your precious pieces that survived the cull don't just chuck them back in the wardrobe in any old manner! Order them so that they're easy to find, for me personally for example I like putting all my denim together in style (e.g. skinnies, boyf) then colour order. Make sure they're clean and preferably ironed, that way they'll look more appealing when it comes to 'shopping your closet', a must do when attempting a minimal wardrobe. Another great trick is to put the hangers backwards when you first put them back in the closet, this way in six months times you can work out what hangers have been untouched so they haven't been worn and need to go (although if you live in the UK this obviously bars summer clothes! Our winters are looooong.)

4 | Make a checklist. Do you have core basics that are missing/needs replacing? It's important to not adhere to those typical 'French Wardrobe' essentials lists when doing this if those pieces aren't your thing, as creating a minimal wardrobe is all about sticking to a style that's you. Although I will always champion the Breton if you've never worn or felt the need to own one don't go out and buy specifically because someone else says it's a 'must have'. Stay true to your own preferences, for example you may be a total dress person and maybe you're missing that perfect denim pinafore dress to layer in all seasons. Neutral colours will always be classics but maybe you're more into brights so work out colours that mix and match well together. Referring back to your moodboard is always useful for your checklist and again, split them into seasons. (See my 'Summer Wardrobe Essentials')

5 | Prioritise. Get those essentials sorted first before you buy the fun pieces (although a good navy sweater will always give me more pleasure than any party dress could!) I don't think it's really possible to start a 5 Piece Wardrobe unless you have your core basics nailed but don't rush out and get the first ones you see. They're important pieces that are the basis of your wardrobe so it's important to get them right...although they don't count as part of your 'clothing allowance' they still need as much, if not more, consideration as the fun, seasonal pieces. I don't suggest going to Primark to buy your basic tees but neither am I saying spend £50 on one either...almost my entire closet is from the high street, you can get some great quality pieces that will last you years. I may do a post on my favourite places if anyone's interested? Once you've got these nailed, then your minimal wardrobe journey can begin!

I hope that helps anyone else attempting this kind of thing! I know I'm probably coming across as a right know it all but those are just the things that have helped me get started. I'm certainly no expert because my wardrobe is far from minimal. I still own a lot of clothes, I mean how many grey t-shirts does one really need? I keep them because they're 'essentials' but 5 is maybe a tad excessive. I think I'll do a post on my existing wardrobe to help me narrow things down. Do let me know if you have any tips to share and if you like this kind of post! I know it's a bit of a long 'un...

Josie x

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