NEW IN | Gap Raw Hem Denim

Jacket - Zara | Top - New Look | Denim - GAP | Shoes - GAP | Bag - Mulberry | Ring - Topshop

Ahh man, look at my hair it's like a wig. I'm debating whether to leave it long or cut it shorter like I used to have it. What you think? I'll probably end up cutting it myself as usual and the next day I'll wake up crying in the mirror.

These are my new jeans, I'd had my eye on them for a while but seeing as GAP seem to always have sales or discounts going on I waited and boy did it pay off. Down to £24.95 from £44.95, woohoo! I'd seen loads of girls wearing this raw hem denim and attempted to DIY some with an old pair but totally failed (even though it should be impossible to eff up, it's like the simplest DIY ever!) But I have these now, I think they'll be great for summer worn with some espies, I'm on the lookout for some black, ponyhair ones. I think they'd look awesome with sliders too (yes I'm contemplating getting a pair, don't hate.) GAP is fast becoming one of my favourite stores, it's always been a great place for essentials but lately I'm sure they've really upped their game (I'm guessing new-ish Creative Director Rebekka Bay has a lot to do with it, happiest wearing basics she's a woman after my own heart!)

We were supposed to have a big family day yesterday but everyone was ill so we just had lazy days instead which was actually really nice. I'm late to the game but I watched the first series of Game Of Thrones and am addicted

Josie x

OUTFIT | The Not So Quiet One

Jacket - Zara | Shirt - Zara | Trousers - H&M | Shoes - Gap

So-oh-oh...non-lazy photos again, although my battery was dying so they're not very clear. It said 'Battery Exhausted', exhausted how dramatic is that? But I am exhausted too, I'm not sure what's up but I have zero energy even for blogging which explains why things have been a little quieter around here lately. Anyway this was a lazy outfit (but when are my outfits ever not lazy?) to go to the hospital, I remember when I got this shirt in the sale last year and I was gonna wear it all the time and I think I've worn it like twice. My bad.

But I did go to the cinema with my friend to see The Quiet Ones, it was a British horror which just made it worse for me because it's like 'That's my country, that thing could come to my house!' We always go to see horrors and I'm there under my coat with my hands over my ears not being a Quiet One saying 'I wanna go home, I wanna go home' and my friend just sits there every time so casual, sipping her milkshake. 

But anyway, Happy Easter Sunday! I've had it good this Bank Holiday, I only had to work yesterday. Today all the family are coming round and we're having an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, I may just have to join in.

Josie x

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