OUTFIT | July Outfit #2

Duster Coat - H&M | Tee  - Uniqlo | Denim - Zara | Sneakers - New Balance | Bag  - Mulberry

Dustiest mirror ever! This was not the wisest outfit, socks are a bad idea in this weather. And coats. And grey tees. And heavy eye make up too actually. These before photos are pretty shocking but can you imagine the afters? Not good. On a normal day though this is a super comfy outfit.

How are you? After saying I felt better in my last post I got ill again (totally jinxed myself!) I was ill for ages because of something called labrinthitis, nothing to do with CF at all but just a pesky extra thing which made coping with CF much harder. It's crazy but it seriously put my life on hold and now I'm so behind on a lot of things. But the good news is I get to recover in Lanzarote because I got the go ahead to go on my holibobs, woo! I'm so excited, we're renting a villa with our own pool so I'm gonna buy a big massive rubber ring and float around in it  until it's time to go home. But because I didn't dare prepare in case I couldn't go I am SO unready...I am pale and I only have one swimsuit that fits me (I'm not a bikini gal at all!) But as long as I have all my medicines that's all that really matters!

So this will probably be the last post until then, I might do a post on what I packed to bring with me and a holiday outfits thing when I get back but I'm planning on keeping my packing very minimal! Anyway have a good week and I'll speak to you when I get home.

Josie x

July Outfit #1

Tee - ASOS | Trousers - H&M | Shoes - Topshop | Bag - Mulberry

Hi! How are you? It feels like ages since I last blogged but it was only just over a week ago really. This outfit was from aggggges ago but it's one I've been wearing a bit recently when I haven't been stuck in pyjamas. It's definitely more than a bit inspired by one of my favourite ever tumblrs, Death By Elocution...I recommend you go check it out, the girl who runs it has the best style. Tomboyish and current but not so trendy that the looks are irrelevant after a month...classic enough to mean that you can get inspiration scrolling through months of posts (um, not that I do that...ahem.)

Anyway the reason I haven't been so active lately on my blog (LOL I say this like people have noticed!) or in real life for that matter is that I was hit with some mystery illness. Not CF related and actually not so much a mystery any more as I think it is this ear thing that's going around. I've just been permanently dizzy for weeks and then the IVs I was on made it 10x worse so I got very sick and had to stop them early. Even though it's not CF related it still affects it because I've been too ill to eat or do proper physio so I've lost a lot of weight and my lungs are feeling rubbish which sucks a bit because I was doing quite well. I'm feeling a little better now, I have to have some tests at the hospital tomorrow (who invented 9am appointments? And how lazy does that make me sound?) and I hope they're ok because if not I'm not allowed to go on holiday next week! So I'm crossing all my fingers and toes.

It's also meant my Etsy had to take a bit of a backseat which is annoying because I had lots of plans! I haven't been able to add the new stock I wanted yet but I did add free UK delivery (hollaaaa!) so check it out here

Hope you're well! 

Josie x

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