The Chop

So I got my hair a long overdue cut. For the past three years I've been cutting it myself because I never have good experiences in salons, which is half them (never doing my hair how I like it and instead trying to make in me into the rest of the TOWIE-fied girls) and half me (just being the most socially awkward person ever.) This time was the same, it was a last minute decision after an early morning visit to the hospital because I was just so sick of my ratty barnet. I was all trainers, no make up and unbrushed knotty hair and without my phone so I couldn't show her what I wanted exactly so to be fair to the lady had a challenge on her hands. I did try to tell her I'm not usually so scruffy but she didn't believe my lies, just like when I said I didn't cut my own fringe but she was very nice about it. She just told me not to do that any more but I couldn't promise her anything because all of my DIY cuts have been spontaneous, 1AM affairs. She also did my hair all curly and was telling me how to blow dry it properly but I didn't have the heart to tell her that I don't even know where my hair dryer is, I thought that might upset her because she was trying so hard to make me girly. I didn't like my hair how she did it anyway, it was a ringletty bob and I looked like a Victorian child. I couldn't ask them for changes because I had to leave quickly as  when I took my purse out to pay a bra was attached to it and everyone definitely saw. I do not know why there was a bra in my bag, I'm quite certain that the Gods of Awkwardness planted it there to ruin my life. I don't know what I've done to offend them but after 21 years they surely need to LET IT GO and pick on someone else.

But now I've washed it myself and just let it air dry I like it a lot better! I definitely feel a lot more like myself with shorter hair, I want to go even shorter soon like this is my dream hair. Well actually Jack White has my dream hair in the Icky Thump video or every haircut that Shannyn Sossamon has had but apparently those dos are yuck. But we shall see, I think I'll chop off another inch and add a few more layers, what do you think? 

August Outfit #4

Playsuit worn as top | & Other Stories (old, similar here)
Denim | Gap (old, similar here)
Belt | New Look
Shoes - Topshop
Necklace | Etsy (see seller's items here)

Definitely regretted wearing this playsuit when I needed the loo (it has a fabulous but annoying strappy back that means it's so awky to put on and off) but I'd ran out of black strappy tops and as they're my current addiction this had to do. I've never actually worn it out of the house as a playsuit because I think it might be too short but it's absolutely perfect for lounging around the house when the weather is warm - certainly a lot more glamorous than my usual too-old pyjama shorts and ancient work tees! Not that the weather is very warm now, this is an old outfit worn at the beginning of the month when I went to see Planet of the Apes with my cousin (which was amazing, cannot wait for the next film to come out!)

Anyway, how are you? Have you had a good week? This latest lot of IVs were making me feel like total poop so I haven't done anything at all, I didn't get to go see my friends in the end :'( and had to cancel my driving lessons although I did get my hair cut, finally. I'll show you soon, I only had it done yesterday and I think I need to wash and style it myself before I decide if I like it or not. I'm over halfway through these IVs now so I'm feeling a little better than I was although Freddydog isn't so good :'( he has a bad cough and kind of sounds like a honking goose so it's off to the vets for him today. </3

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