Friyay indeed because today I finish IVs, which means one thing and one thing only....that post-IVs bath! Other people who've been on IVs will understand what I'm on about but if you're a little confused it's just that when I'm on them I can't get the dressing wet which means rubbish, tiny baths and awkward rain dances in the shower trying to keep it dry. There's nothing I love more then stealing ALL the hot water and having a proper relaxing soak in the bath so after three weeks of IVs I am pretty excited. I always think about what my dream bath would be, I'd like that one in Harry Potter where it never gets cold, NO bubble bath or bath bombs (am I the only blogger who can't stand all that?) a pillow for my head and a TV on the wall with a whole lot of Aesop goodies to use. Plus chocolates. And it can look like any one of these:

Or like Katy's bathroom, it's so adorable! Don't want much do I? Sorry, you're probably like 'Why am I reading about baths?' I just love them. But I bet you any money when the time comes I'll be so not in the mood or be in a rush because Corrie will be starting (my Friday nights are wild) so I end up having a quick shower. 

Are you a bath fiend too? What would be your dream bathroom?

New In | Adidas Gazelle Trainers

Adidas Gazelle Trainers Review Schuh

I've wanted these trainers for so long but kept buying other things instead and since I'm not working due to silly poor health at the moment I've had to watch my pennies a bit. Then Sam, who is the best, reminded me that I allow myself to play the 'I have CF, wah wah wahhh' card once a year to treat myself to something so I got them! To be fair last time I used that I bought a Mulberry bag and the year before that Isabel Marant boots so I guess this wasn't too extravagant at all in comparison. I ordered them late afternoon on Saturday from Schuh and paid £1 delivery to get them on Sunday morning, plus I had 10% off for being a first time customer...very, very impressed with the service! (Not sponsored or anything, just genuinely super chuffed.)

But anyway, I love them even if they don't quite love me back...the tongues on these are spiky! But clever Katy and Eilidh have suggested using sandpaper or a nail file to file away the evilness but I'm useless and have neither so until then I'm just hobbling through the pain. So worth it though, I just think they look so nice. I never used to wear trainers ever but now they've replaced black ankle boots as my favourite kind of shoe, and if you're a long term reader (hai hai!) you know my addiction to black ankle boots is strong.

What do you think? Are you a fan of trainers?

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