Friday, 27 March 2015

FASHION | Dungarees and Gazelles

Dungarees | Zara (similar here)
Shirt | Uniqlo
Shoes | Adidas

A simple outfit but most definitely a current favourite. I cannot believe I didn't own dungarees beforehand, I mean I know they're a surefire why of ensuring my singleness to continue indefinitely but the comfort factor is just too much. May it be a trend that never dies.

So how are you? I'm so happy because my lungs aren't being total beans for once but I've been getting killer migraines so I'm majorly behind on my blog reading which sucks because I wanna know what you've been doing/wearing/eating and everything else! Have you been to see Cinderella? Is it even out yet? I really want to go, it just looks so cute. Maybe I'll go cinema at the weekend if I'm well, haven't been at all this year which is madness!

What are your plans for the weekend? 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

LIFESTYLE | White Teeth Review

I've been wanting to read some of Zadie Smith's work for some time and where better to start than with her d├ębut novel White Teeth? Another fab charity shop find, I couldn't wait to read.

White Teeth Book Review

It's quite hard to sum this book up as so much happens but I'd say it's mainly the story of the families of Archie and Samad Iqbal, two unlikely best friends living in North London. It covers 'deep' subjects (race, faith, cultural identity and gender to name a few) but Smith turns these heavy situations into something humorous where I was literally laughing aloud at some points. Usually when you read criticisms of society they're very ranty or sombre so I think this was clever of the author as it's a way to get and keep people's attention onto serious matters.

People have criticised the characters for being almost caricatures at certain points but for me it worked because it's a funny book...I can't think of many funny novels or films where the characters weren't a bit over the top! And I love, love, love Smith's talent for dialogue, she captures the voice of each character so well...especially impressive considering there are a lot of them! It's told in third person but each section switches to focus on different characters and sometimes different time periods too, we find ourselves back in the 1800's all the way to the year 2000. I did find myself having to do a bit of work to remember who was who etc but I didn't mind.  When I was reading it I was thinking how the book would make a great TV programme (I since found out it was turned into a series, I'd love to watch it if I can!)

My only criticisms would be that I think the book is a tad too long and very slow paced at times. I also feel that the ending was very rushed, it almost felt like it was like 'Arghh running out of space, better just squeeze this in quickly!' if you get what I mean haha. But I still really enjoyed reading it, I think if you like funny books about families you'd like it too!

Have you read White Teeth or any more of Zadie Smith's work? I really want to read her other books for sure!


Monday, 23 March 2015

FASHION | Boden Blues

So I keep seeing Boden popping up on a few blogs lately (like Katy's perfect Breton and Jaclyn's dreamy shoes) so I thought I'd have a little browse to see what else they had going on. I'm 23 days in on a fashion spending ban and I'm doing well but after checking the site out I'm feeling spendy....uh-oh! I'm really feeling blue shades right now as we go into Spring (it's one of the few colours I'll actually wear) so I've gone for that kind of theme with my wishlist.

First things first we have that sweater, I mean look at that gorgeous neckline! I really love the three-quarter length sleeves. The bretons have been raved about by everyone so I had to pop one on the wishlist. I don't actually own one in this shade of blue, I'd like to add one in the collection for Spring/Summer though! The denim top is just my kind of thing, I can imagine it thrown on over black skinnies with Birkies, a little gold necklace and a messy bun. I'd love it tucked into a black denim skirt too! The bag I think is gorgeous, if I were to invest in another bag the colour I'd go for would definitely be chic!

Finally the shoes. THE SHOES. Be still my beating heart. You know when you see something and you're literally swooning? I just think they're beautiful from the navy suede to the pointy toes to the tassels on those marvellous laces. I don't actually own any 'smart' flats and navy would make a great alternative to my usual black. I'm seriously considering blowing my camera fund on them which is a big deal because I'm currently cameraless (and a blogger without a camera is a very sad thing indeed.) 

Have you shopped at Boden before? What colours are you feeling for Spring/Summer? 
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