Friday, 6 March 2015

FASHION | GAP Green Knit

Coat | Marks & Spencer (similar here)
Furry scarf | Uniqlo (similar here)
Knit | GAP
Denim | Uniqlo
Boots | Zara (similar here)
Bag | Zara (similar here)
Sorry these photos are a bit weird, the lighting was bad and my camera battery is dying!

I'd been looking for an olive coloured knit for ages and ages so I was very pleased to find this one in the GAP's just the right shade and it's an ok fit too. Good ol' GAP! I don't know why but I felt well fancy in this outfit, I think it's something to do with the furry stole. It's unusual for me to feel glam in any way so I've since given it to a friend...I just prefer being a scruffpot!

So how are you? Fri-YAY right? I'm off to see baby Florrie today for cuddles, I may even brave asking someone to take an outside outfit pic if I have the guts to. What a turning point that shall be for the blog haha! You're probably bored of the same indoor background but most of the time I have no choice which is boosome but that's just life. 

Well enjoy your weekend, I shall catch up with you on Sunday! Do you take outdoor outfit pics? Any tips?


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

BEAUTY | The Body Shop Spa Fit Review

So recently I've been doing a little exercise (DON'T laugh, it's true!!) as I've been on a mission to get these lungs of mine as well as possible. I've always been really compliant with my CF treatment and medication but I have to admit I'm a bit slack when it comes to exercising, unless walking round the shops counts! So I've been doing a bit of blogilates and I've even got an exercise bike (I know right, commitment or what?) I'm not able to do much right now as I need to use oxygen as I'm doing it (read here to find out why!) But as I'm still in the early stages of all this exercise malarkey I'm ashamed to say my limbs feel like they're gonna drop off despite the little amount that I'm doing...I know, it's shameful! This is where this handy little duo from The Body Shop comes in...

The Body Shop Spa Fit Range Review

In the shower I've been using the Spa Fit Body Massager* with a body wash and it's definitely helped relieve those aches and pains. I'm not sure the appearance of my skin has changed at all but it's certainly feeling a lot smoother! Usually I go for quite harsh body scrubs but this isn't scratchy at all and has still produced the same results so I'd recommend it if you don't like that scratchy feeling. It does kind of dig in though, you do really feel it massaging you as you use it which I think some people may find uncomfortable but I didn't mind at all. I then follow this with the Spa Fit Toning Massage Oil* which is just gorgeous. I'm a bit obsessed with body oils and this one hasn't disappointed at all. While I did have to wait a couple of minutes for it to sink in (like with all oils) it wasn't greasy at all and has really smoothed out my skin and it feels super soft. I have to mention the scent too, it's just delicious! It left me smelling like lemon meringue pie which I'm totally cool with. 

All I need now is a bit of fake tan and I'd say my skin was almost summer ready! Now we just need the sun to make an appearance...

Is anyone else on a bit of a fitness kick right now? What are your favourite products to relax with after all your hard work?


Monday, 2 March 2015

FASHION | Scarlett Of Soho

I don't think I've ever worn them on the blog but IRL I'm a glasses wearer if I'm not in contacts. I've had the same pair for two years now and while I like them I do kind of wish I could switch them up a bit! It can be boring sticking to the same pair but getting new ones can be such faff. Firstly we have the dilemma of actually going into the opticians and trying them on in front of everyone. I always feel so pressured by the salespeople to make a quick decision and I feel a bit self concious checking myself out in the mirror in public! So I end up making a hasty choice that I'm not 100% certain about which is no good because if I'm going to part with a lot of money (glasses are expensive) I want it to be on something I love. Then I'm stuck with this pair that I'm not sure about for a few years until I can brave a trip to the opticians again. So, not ideal.

This is where Scarlett of Soho come in. They can send you a free Home Try-On kit of four pairs of glasses straight to your doorstep and there's no worries about stressing which pairs to choose as they rather nicely help you to pick frames based on your face shape and skin colour...perfect if you're like me and need a bit of help knowing what suits you! I'm really keen to start wearing glasses a little more, I see girls like Sade looking amazingly sassy in all kinds of pairs and I'm starting to see them more as an accessory rather than a simple necessity! The Scarlett of Soho range is just uber trendy and unlike the opticians  you don't have to sift through all the old lady pairs to find something decent...everything's just super cool. Here's the glasses that I was sent to try:

scarlett of soho review

scarlett of soho review
scarlett of soho review
If I were to order one of these online with my prescription and pay for it all without getting to try them out I'd have gone for the Churchill's, which as it turns out looked a little ridic on me! I actually ended up much preferring the Tucker's which is the pair I thought I'd like the least, so this to me proves how useful this Home Try-On service is because it stops you wasting all that money. You get to keep the glasses for SEVEN DAYS, which is music to my indecisive self's ears and after that you just pop them back in the post for free...couldn't be simpler. Best of all you're under no obligation to buy so it really is worth giving it a go because you have nothing to lose! 

As I said, if none of them take your fancy you don't have to pay but if you do want a pair (and I'm sure you will, their selection is awesome) you can start a yearly subscription plan which will allow you to swap your glasses over for another pair from the range...perfect if you like to switch things up a bit and stops the problem of getting bored with wearing the same pair. The subscription plans are as follows:

£10 a month | Your original pair + 1 swap
£15 a month | Your original pair + 3 swaps 
£25 a month | Your original pair + as many swaps as you like in a year

The costs include shipping, glasses cover in case of breakage/loss and priority email and phone support. Should you want to you're able to cancel any time you want. 

I just think it's a fab idea! These days we're used to having more choices so to be able to switch up our glasses so easily is really appealing and the subscription service is so simple...just like paying for Spotify or Netflix!  

As I said, it's free to try so it's definitely worth giving it a go! Best of all if you do want a subscription you can get the first month for free as they've kindly given me a code for you...just use JOSIES2015. If you want to check the glasses out in person they're having a pop up store in Shoreditch from 23rd February to the 8th March and in Islington from March 18th to the 22nd. You can keep up with Scarlett of Soho news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too! 

Are you a glasses wearer? What do you think of this service?

*Post written in collaboration with Scarlett of Soho*
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