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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Postcards From Donegal, Ireland

Hey! So last week I went off on my holibobs to visit my nan and grandad who live in Donegal in Ireland. It's in the South and is all very green and beautiful, but very cold - I was stoooopid and didn't pack for the weather at all! The whole week was just very chilled, it rained a lot too so most of the time was spent relaxing or going shopping...I know right, what a shame ;) Plus it was so great to be there while history was being made! But on the last day it was quite nice out so I managed to get a couple of snaps for you! There was loads more but they have my family in them and I don't think they want to appear on this blog haha. It's a little photo heavy so click after the jump to read more!

white cottage red door

Monday, 25 May 2015

A Game Of Thrones Book Review

By the time I got round to watching the first series of Game Of Thrones the fourth one was just ending so I was very late to the game with this one. I only started reading the books this year after I was given the whole set of A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R. R. Martin for Christmas and I so wish I'd gotten into them sooner! I'm generally not really a fan of the fantasy genre (even Harry Potter, don't hate me) and I won't lie, these are big fat books and the fact that there are so many in the series already did put me off a little. BUT after reading the first book I'm hooked so thought I'd put together a little review for those of you who might be a little sceptical still.

A Game Of Thrones Book

I don't want to discuss too much of the plot as there are so many OMG moments so I don't want to ruin it for anyone but it's basically set in a fictional, fantasy world where there is a power struggle to control the Kingdom - hence the name, 'A Game of Thrones'. ' If you've watched the series book one pretty much follows the same plot as the first series, although I believe there are major differences in the later books compared to the series. I think the characters are so well written, the baddies are proper nasty which is the kind of thing you want in epic stories like this and although there are certain characters I root for I would say no one is perfect, they're all flawed which keeps things interesting as for me personally it means I never know what to expect from them! I love the format of the book too, each chapter is written from a different characters viewpoint which is great as there are a lot of key characters in the book so to get to know them better is useful. I love the choice of characters that Martin chose to base chapters on too, he left the right ones out (like Varys and Littlefinger for example) because they need a bit of mystery to them. I love how strong the characters are and the fact that the women have just as much game as the men - it's just disappointing that the tv series almost ruins this by having so many scenes with naked prostitutes in it but then I guess that's unfortunately to be expected with tv...

As for the fantasy elements, that I was most concerned about, there are actually very few in this book. Yes there's mentions of dragons and a little witchcraft etc but it's all very much in the background but at the same time it's all relevant - plus having seen the series I know these things will feature a little more in later books. The main focus is on the struggle for the Iron Throne and for this reason it definitely appeals to the history geek in me. Yes it's a fictional world but the detail Martin goes into creating its history, politics and every day things like what the smallfolk wear and eat is incredible, it almost seems like a real place. The dress and courtesies etc are very similar to what we saw in series like The Tudors (which was my total guilty pleasure!) so it's very similar to historical novels which is one of my favourite genres.

I must admit had I not watched the series first I think I would have gotten majorly confused by all the characters as there are so, so many and some of them have very similar names too. Saying that there is a helpful guide in the books to all the houses and their history which I think is a nice touch. All in all I say don't knock these books til you've tried them and definitely give them a go if, like me, you love historical novels.

Have you read these books or do you watch the series? Who's your favourite character? I know she's evil but mine is Cersei! 

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Friday, 22 May 2015

FASHION | Grey & Gold

A verrry lazy outfit, but then to be fair when are my outfits ever not about laziness and comfort? At least I'm not wearing my Gazelles for once ;) But I do really like the grey and gold together, it's been a long time obsession. 

ASOS Ridley Jeans Outfit
Orelia Gold Triangle necklace
ASOS Ridley Jeans outfit
Jacket | GAP (similar here)
Tee - ASOS 
Denim | ASOS Ridley's
Boots | Topshop (similar here)
Sunglasses | London Retro*
Necklace | Orelia 

It's kind of weird because I never schedule outfit posts so in advance, I'm not even sure what to say haha! Well I'm guessing right now that I'm probably having a good time in Ireland, I've probably eaten a lot of fry ups and drank a lot of Football Special and I'm guessing it's probably rained a lot too. We shall see when I come home on Sunday whether my predictions were right haha! Oh and I'll just apologise for wearing sunglasses indoors but I wasn't wearing make up and I don't have the skills to edit dark circles away so I'll just look like a n00b with my silly pose too ;) 

I hope you're well! What ya been up to this week?

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